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Rio Recipe of the Month

Mancake recipe image

Father’s Day Mancake Pancakes This is one dish you may not want Dad eating every day, but on his special day, these pancakes from truly are special! How could they not be with candied bacon and beer inside – yes beer – we kid you not. And yes, you may not want to feed […]

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Clever Car Organizer for Moms

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Every so often, we come across an idea that we must shout from the rooftops. Recently, a busy Mom came through one of our car wash locations in Virginia Beach and used our free vacuums (have we mentioned that they’re always free?). One of our Rio Car Wash team members noticed something very unique in […]

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Game Day Recipe

Rio Car Wash and have your Big Game menu locked up! We all know bacon makes just about everything better and these jalapeno bacon wraps with 4.5 stars from 1069 reviewers are a sure win. 10 minutes to prep. 10 minutes to cook. Get that grill or broiler ready people, you’re going to love […]

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Not all gas is created equal!

Your Clerk here to talk about the second most important thing to consider in daily car care. Gasoline!!! And, as it turns out, not all fuel is considered equal. That’s the conclusion of a study released Thursday by the AAA auto club. Federal rules in place since 1996 require all gasoline to have some engine-cleaning […]

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Keeping Your Cup Holders Clean- It’s Easy!

Sick and tired of dirty and grimy cup holders?There’s an easy solution! Simply purchase silicone cupcake liners from your local store and place them in your cup holders. Once they’re dirty they are easy to remove and clean, all you need is soap and water!  

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Spring Cleaning Car Care Tips!

  It hasn’t been so bad.  Okay maybe 30 inches of snow in 36 hours wasn’t fun for anybody.  Winter can do a number on your car and your Clerk is here to help with spring cleaning car care tips. Slush, salt and cold temperatures take a toll on everything from the tires to the wiper blades. So, with […]

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