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Bet You Can’t Beat This

Don’t you just love making a purchase and feeling like, hey, I just got a really great value! I got it a fair price and I love what I got in return.  Those purchases might be few and far between these days, but they’re happening every day at Rio Car Wash with the introduction of […]

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Guinness Beer Dip

Guinness beer dip image

You like beer right? And cheese? Ok, then grab some tortilla chips, pretzels or crusty bread and get dippin’ with this crowd pleasing showstopper of a recipe from  It starts with a slow cooker, then you add your Irish stout, salsa, Worcestershire sauce, chili powder, onion powder and cayenne. Bam! It’s a zesty, zingy […]

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Not all gas is created equal!

Your Clerk here to talk about the second most important thing to consider in daily car care. Gasoline!!! And, as it turns out, not all fuel is considered equal. That’s the conclusion of a study released Thursday by the AAA auto club. Federal rules in place since 1996 require all gasoline to have some engine-cleaning […]

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